Who we are:

PJM Solutions is an organisation that is highly focused in the area of Customer Relationship Management software solutions.

What we do:

We take pride in helping businesses implement computer software to solve the database riddle.
Our range of products and expertise mean that we can analyse your needs and objectives and make a recommendation about which product is right for your business. Dependent on your requirements and future objectives we can offer solutions for basic contact management to CRM, eCRM and eBusiness.

What is CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management Solution is a database system that enables your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service departments to better manage their relationships with your clients.
Customers are at the heart of any business regardless of size or target market
Successful companies have grown to their position based on long-term relationships built with satisfied customers.
Learning more about a customer's needs and behaviours enable companies to develop stronger and more profitable relationships. Stronger relationships will increase sales and promote better retention of key customers.
At PJM we understand the software itself is just a tool for facilitating CRM to take place. The tool must fit the purpose, but your staff must understand and embrace that purpose.

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