Our Implementation Services

The initial rollout of your CRM database system involves a combination of technical expertise, sales experience and interpersonal skills. Whether your project involves a small number of users in one office or a large scale CRM system spanning multiple remote locations, we can help you successfully navigate the installation and setup process, promote the project and support end users.

A. Needs analysis and product selection

Find a software solution that meets your primary needs and fits your budget.

What is the biggest challenge facing your organization today? What are the roadblocks keeping you from streamlining your business? What has to change, and what would you like to change?

PJM Solutions will help assess your company's existing business needs and capabilities, as well as your goals for a CRM system moving forward. We will use this information to help you select the best product and implementation plan to suit your organization's environment.

B. Initial database setup

Design the database to support your processes.

It will be important to design your central database to capture relevant data fro business intelligence. PJM Solutions will first work with you to understand your company's business process. We can then recommend how best to structure your database to support your company and meet user expectations. We will also review and plan the database structure in terms of user field set up, security, and data integrity.

C. Software installation

Client and server-based software setup and testing.

PJM Solutions will ensure that the software is installed and configured for optimum speed and stability in your environment.

D. Remote User setup

Install and configure remote users.

We will examine the options for remote access and determine the best solution for your remote users, and we'll help you install and configure them as well.

E. Data conversion

Import your existing data into your new database.

As the CRM adage goes, garbage in, garbage out. But, this is no way to begin a CRM implementation. PJM Solutions support team will ensure that your existing data is properly and accurately converted into your new database. In addition, we can import lists from other sources on an ongoing basis.

F. Training

Basic and advanced-level courses for users and database administrators that can be customized to fit your company's needs.

Business applications are intended to improve personal productivity, but a system is only as strong as the people who utilise it from day to day. Therefore, it is important for users to be well trained, in order to keep up with the technology.

G. Report writing

Customized printed reports or text file generation.

If your reporting needs go beyond the standard reporting capabilities, we can generate data output, subtotals, grouping, and summaries by utilizing the ODBC links.

H. Data updates

Ongoing maintenance of your database.

Develop update scenarios which allow data feeds from external systems (such as accounting packages) into your active database.

I. Telephone technical support

Support data administrators and end users.

As experienced technicians, PJM Solutions also provides personalised telephone support and problem resolution for end users and technical staff.

J. Advanced Implementation

Get the most out of your databases advanced functionalities.

Excellent customer relations management doesn't stop at setting appointments, so why should your CRM Software stop working there? Take advantage of modules such as Customer Service, Opportunities, and Campaign Manager to help you streamline sales, marketing and service operations.